The Biggest Emerging Market Opportunity Since 1990 China!

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“The Biggest Emerging Market
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Find out how one overlooked country is creating huge new opportunities like:

  • A Rock-Solid Infrastructure Play with Triple-Digit Profit Potential ...

  • An Emerging Market Telecom Poised to Soar up to 70% in the Next Year ...

  • And a Runaway Liquor Company That’s Gushing Cash!

Dear Investor,

At this very moment, there's a whole new country stepping onto the emerging market frontier —

And it’s bringing with it a whole new generation of massive profit opportunities unlike anything I've seen since China's economy first started soaring in the early '90s ...

I'm talking about the chance to go for as much as triple-digit gains on some of the safest and most practical investments that the emerging markets have to offer, and it's all thanks to a single country.

So far this country has been overlooked by most of the world's investors — just like China was back in the early '90s. And just like China was then, this country is a coiled spring, loaded with the potential ... the manpower ... and the resources for explosive growth.

Most importantly, this country has just reached a pivotal turning point ...

It happened in November of last year — just a few months ago — when the government made a subtle-yet-shocking announcement that reversed over fifty years of hardline economic policy.

It was a non-event to most of the American public and our country’s media. But to the handful of emerging market investors out at the very edge of the frontier, it was our cue —

It was a long-term indicator of explosive economic growth — likely 300% or more — that is on the way just in the next few years!

Now, that might sound hard to believe ... but as you'll soon see, it's all been done before. Dozens of countries have been down this path in recent years — growing their economies by as much as 300% ... 489% ... and even 514% in a matter of years.

To be clear — this isn't about a hot stock or even a whole sector on the verge of soaring.

I'm talking about an entire economy that is about to start growing at an exponential rate. That means hundreds, maybe thousands of businesses with explosive potential that could last for years. Best of all, some of the first ones that will benefit the most can be accessed with your regular brokerage account ...

In fact, I'm already looking at a few of these investments with at least as much potential as my past recommendations that netted upwards of 79% ... 135% ... even 209%!

Hi. My name's Rudy Martin.

I've been knee-deep in the financial business for the last 29 years of my life; studying ... analyzing ... and honing my skills all for a single purpose — to find and capitalize on some of the safest, most consistent opportunities available in the world.

I spent the majority of my career at big companies like Fidelity and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, working with major players like Peter Lynch ... and eventually reaching the point where I managed tens of billions in investments ...

But then I did something unheard of. I did something most people would never dream of doing; I walked away from it all and started focusing all my energy on the emerging market frontier ... on the new generation of market-beating investments just at the edge of the radar.

After all, it's the only way to find incredible opportunities like the ones I’m going to tell you about today.

But before we get into the specifics of this new country, and the stocks I’m looking at, I want to explain exactly how this type of situation has played out in the past. It all starts with ...

The One Simple Change That Handed Early Investors in China 6,290% Gains ... and Has Sent Countless Other Markets Soaring!

Back in 1990, China was very much in the same boat as the country I’m looking at today. They had been bogged down in unproductive politics ... their economy was stalled ... and practically the entire world had written them off as a place to consider investing.

So much so, in fact, that at the time the Shanghai Stock Index sat at a low of just 95.8 points.

Then, with just a couple minor changes to their system, China’s fortunes started turning around. And by 2007, the country’s stock market was setting a new all-time high of 6,124 — a return of over 6,290%!

In other words, if you had made a small, relatively speculative investment of just $10,000 in 1990 China, you'd now be sitting on over half a million dollars — $543,000 to be precise!

That’s 19 times the return on the S&P 500 index during the same period!

And by selecting the very best companies you could have done even better in a much shorter period of time ...

Tsingtao Brewery, for example, grew by an average 173% a year for ten years straight ... likewise, a Chinese cement company named Anhui averaged 314% a year ... and an apparel manufacturer gained a whopping 1,139% each year during that same period!

Now of course, I realize that there's no new country that can top China's performance in terms of sheer size ... but then again, they don't have to.

Because even smaller countries can ride this same trend toward similarly huge profits.

Take Azerbaijan, the small country near Eastern Europe.

They enacted a change that was similar to the one that took place in China, and more than quintupled the size of their economy between 1991 and 2011.

And again, some companies absolutely soared along the way — like the small Canadian company Ramco that struck oil in the booming country, making millions for investors.

Or consider Estonia.

Before this Eastern European country made the same kind of simple change as China and Azerbaijan, their entire economy was producing a mere $5 billion per year.

Since then, they've become one of the most liberal countries in the world — ranked 14th on the world Freedom Index.

Meanwhile, their economy has grown by 302% ... putting them among the fastest-growing countries in Europe ... and sending their stock market up 527% in the last 16 years, nearly five times the return of the S&P over the same time period!

And you've probably already heard of at least one Estonian company — Skype — the provider of over-the-Internet communications technology that is now used by more than 32 million people around the world.

Believe it or not, the company’s technology was originally developed by a few Estonian software programmers in the wake of the Soviet collapse ... before being purchased by Microsoft for $8.5 billion — or nearly twice the size of Estonia’s entire economy back in 1990.

We have seen the same dramatic progression in India, Vietnam, Poland and countless other countries. And in each case, investors overlooked the opportunity due to ignorance, prejudice or simply fear of the unknown.

Time and again, a country that has been virtually “left for dead” made relatively minor changes to its political structure or economy ... these changes have usually been overlooked by most of the world's investors ... and then some of the fastest growth in history has ensued — creating massive new waves of prosperity as the country’s citizens and businesses make a mad dash to join the rest of the world.

Now, today, it's happening all over again. So let me tell you about ...

The Next Emerging Market Set to Explode Higher ...

Just like China, Azerbaijan, and Estonia, the emerging market I’m looking at right now is starting off relatively poor. That's why so many are eager to overlook it. But make no mistake — if you look just below the surface, you'll find an entire country that's eagerly awaiting its chance to pounce on the 21st Century ...

You see, despite an average income of just $20 a week, its people enjoy higher standards of health and education than some of the world's wealthiest economies — with 99% literacy and a national passion for higher education.

But it's not just a matter of the people —

The country’s LAND has rich reserves of nickel and cobalt, along with a perfect agricultural climate and billions of barrels in offshore oil reserves.

The country’s even got a thriving new industry in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and it’s already exporting vaccines to countries like Russia, China, India, and Pakistan.

So with all these incredible assets right on hand, with such an educated and motivated population, all that's been missing has been a catalyst, the trigger event to set off a chain reaction of growth.

And that's exactly what we got this past November ...

That’s when this country reached the same crucial turning point that China reached shortly before soaring in the '90s ... that Estonia and Azerbaijan and a dozen other countries reached before soaring beyond all expectations ...

Like China, Azerbaijan, Poland, Estonia and others, this country has now embraced some form of capitalism. And when that happens — as I've just shown you — these countries soar, sometimes condensing decades of growth into years, and creating billions in rapid-fire profits for foreign investors just like us ...

Because along with capitalism comes a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Just ask the Estonian founders of Skype ...

"We started anew,” explained one of Skype's founders, “we got new laws, new leaders, and new technology. The big winners were the start-ups."

It's that simple. All a country has to do is BEGIN to embrace some form of capitalism, and let the people take care of the rest. Given some kind of incentive, a reward of profit for a job well done ... and the population’s burning, long-repressed desire for better lives takes over.

Last November — after over half a century — my new favorite country finally began to restore its citizens' rights to private property and business.

And with that simple, seemingly-benign move, they stepped squarely into the footprints of China ... following the same path that's made trillions of dollars for dozens of countries — all in very short periods of time.

And see, that’s the critical thing that most investors simply don’t understand. It’s why they repeatedly missed out on huge profits in all of the places I just told you about before. And it’s why they will most likely miss out on this next round of profits, too.

They don’t realize that once a country’s leaders make a few, apparently minor changes to begin converting toward a capitalist economy it sets off a chain reaction of events that moves very, VERY quickly!

Now obviously this new story won't play out exactly the same way that the others did. In fact, at least one major factor will be completely different this time around. You.

Because now more than ever before, you're in a position to cash in on the kind of windfall profits that are available when an emerging country turns the corner toward massive growth ...

Here's How YOU Could Cash in on This
Meteoric Rise with Triple-Digit Gains ...

If you want to cash in on the newest and biggest opportunity to hit the emerging market frontier, you have two choices:

You can wait until the country fully completes its conversion to capitalism, and a number of home-spun businesses start popping up on investment exchanges.

Or, you can start investing immediately. All you have to do is invest in the many global companies that are ALREADY moving into the country.

That gives you two immediate benefits: You get in on the ground floor of the growth explosion ... AND, at the same time, you get a stake in the booming growth now taking place in other red-hot emerging markets.

Better yet, by focusing on regional plays, you can keep this from being an “all-or-nothing” bet on a single country.

Sure, these companies are small enough that a spike in their new businesses with this country could make for massive paydays. But they're also diversified across several markets — so they stand to be successful, regardless of what happens.

In fact, if you pick the very best stocks you get the best of both worlds — companies that are strong and growing right now ... and that could each explode higher from this new emerging market opportunity.

I’ve been working hard to figure out which of these companies are the very best of the bunch right now, so let's run through a few of the ones I’m looking at ...

The first one is —

A Rock-Solid Infrastructure
Play with Triple-Digit Profit Potential!

This stock combines deep value with a fast-growing business to create a one-of-a-kind profit opportunity ... and I understand its business like the back of my hand. In fact, I’ve recommended buying it a handful of times over the past few years with great success — including gains of 81% and even 112%.

Of course, those figures do not include commissions or fees, and individual results would have varied depending on the price received and commissions paid. And we all know that past performance is not indicative to future results, but now I think it’s about to go on a brand-new run of gains that could eclipse all of those past gains.

Why? It’s because of a few simple facts ...

For starters, this company continues to grow like wildfire even though most of the world’s economies have ground to a halt.

Their earnings are absolutely soaring — I expect them to rise by over 76% this year alone!

So how are they doing it?

How do they keep cranking out impressive growth numbers like clockwork despite all the problems in the world?

Two words — Latin infrastructure.

Roads, airports, factories and power stations might seem trivial to someone living in a developed country ... but a healthy emerging economy can’t do without them.

So as South American countries continue “leapfrogging” each other into the 21st Century, this company has been there ... helping to build the foundation for massive economic growth all across the continent — and building a name for itself in the process.

Along the way, this company has developed a reputation for being master of the “mega-project” — gigantic, countrywide infrastructure projects that are each worth billions of dollars.

And that’s exactly the kind of help my new favorite emerging market needs right now.

Which is why this Latin American winner will almost certainly be one of the first foreign companies profiting from the changes taking place on the ground. It's already working on major projects in the region, with massive resources positioned just a few miles from this country’s shores.

Now just to be clear — I think this stock is a home run no matter what.

Especially because it’s currently dirt cheap ... selling for just about fifty cents on the dollar. That’s an impressive discount to the rest of its competitors.

In fact, I'm already targeting an easy double — 100% profit — on this emerging market leader ... even WITHOUT the effect of business in the newly capitalist country.

But a massive new deal there could take it to the next level — and cause the share price to soar even higher the minute news hits the wires.

And this infrastructure company is just one of the ways you can start cashing in.

There’s also ...

A Latin Telecom That’s About to Add 11.4 Million Brand-New Customers ... and Soar up to 70% in the Next Year!

In order to make the most out of new laws and new opportunities, my favorite new country will need more than just new roads. It’ll also need to vastly improve another kind of infrastructure — its communication systems.

You’ve probably heard the story a dozen times before, and I’ve certainly seen it happen in various emerging markets I follow. In fact, almost every time an emerging market starts to meet with rapid growth ... instead of investing in a traditional landline phone network, they just skip right ahead to cell phones.

This new booming country won’t be any different.

Over 70% of its people are young and in prime working age. They’re not going to wait for new telephone poles to go up ... or for new data lines to get snaked underground. And why would they have to, when they can start talking to each other, connecting with the rest of the world, and even getting Internet access right away?

In short, they’ll want cell phones. Millions of them.

And I recommend getting ahead of this brand-new market that’s about to open up with a company that is the most likely to get first-mover advantage there ...

The company is already a leader in Latin American telecom ... with 246 million subscribers in eighteen countries and membership in the Fortune 500.

And again, they’re already growing like mad — with profits up 38% in the first quarter of 2012 alone!

But their proven position won’t be the only reason I think they’re going to dominate the next burgeoning market for cell phones.

What most investors don’t realize is that this company has already been developing a close relationship with my favorite new country for many years. For example, they sent over fifty tons of humanitarian aid to the small nation after a major natural disaster. And more importantly, the company’s management has developed a cozy personal relationship with the politicians in charge of the country — making them a virtual shoe-in to the new market.

That kind of foresight is second nature to this company. They’re always aggressively yet prudently expanding into new markets.

Just in the last few months they’ve acquired new networks ... combined divisions to offer packaged services ... and added millions of new subscribers!

Add in the fact that they’re selling at a steep discount to the competition — and I see only one way for this stock to go ... up. Way up. I think you could see a quick gain of at least 35% on this one ... and if an expansion into this country happens as I expect, you could easily see a 70% jump.

And I want to point out that as a new emerging market modernizes and embraces more freedoms, it doesn’t just work hard. It also starts to play harder. That’s why I’m also looking at ...

A Beverage Company That Stands to Make a
Killing Quenching the World’s Growing Thirst!

Tourism has always been one of this country’s biggest and most profitable industries, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. As new businesses start springing up throughout the country, we can expect that a fair share of them will cater to tourists ... foreigners eager for the perfect unexplored tropical getaway —

And what’s a good vacation without a few cocktails — or at least a cold beer — to sip as you soak in the tropical sun?

That’s why I like a particular company that operates in one of the oldest and steadiest industries in the world ... beverages.

But it’s far more than your typical “recession-proof” liquor play — it’s another chance for outsized growth from explosive frontier markets ...

Over the last two years this company has been generating billions of dollars from other emerging markets. For example, last year it got about a third of its business from Brazil, a country that is growing three times faster than the U.S.

This company isn’t just dominating Latin America, either. Its business is exploding in Asian emerging markets as well — especially China — where this company sells more products by volume than it does in all of Europe!

Proven success in other emerging markets isn’t the only reason I think this company will rack up huge profits in my new favorite emerging market, either.

Heck, they’ve already been operating a joint partnership in the country since 1997 ... and they just locked up a new billion-dollar-deal that makes them one of the biggest players in the region — putting them in the perfect position to cash in on a surge in a tourism spike.

Meanwhile, their overall profits nearly doubled in the last year (through March of 2012).

And as they continue expanding in red-hot emerging markets — from Russia and China to Brazil and other Latin American countries — I think we’re going to see even more impressive growth.

In the most conservative case, I think this stock could easily jump 30% without any new business ... and that’s also WITHOUT factoring in any of the substantial dividend income the company pays out ...

Bottom Line: These Kinds of Emerging Market Winners Are the Key to Diversified Growth and a 28% Average Gain!

So as you can see, the profit potential here goes far beyond just one single new country.

In fact, this handful of emerging market winners will give your portfolio a crucial kind of diversification ... the only truly global diversification in today's markets ...

After all, nearly half the world's population lives in the “BRIC” countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Then add in the rest of Latin America and Southeast Asia, and you'll realize that the blanket term “emerging markets” covers the majority of the world's population ... and the majority of the world’s biggest growth centers.

And that's the key to it all — that’s the simple realization that made it so easy for me to leave Wall Street and the big banks behind ...

I realized that the majority of my profits weren't actually coming from the markets where most investors spent their time. They weren't coming from the “developed world” — from the U.S., the European Union or Japan.

Instead, the richest opportunities were nearly all in the emerging markets.

And contrary to popular belief, investing in emerging markets doesn’t have to be any riskier at all.

Just look at the tech bubble that devastated so many American investors. Or the mortgage market collapse that took the entire developed world’s financial sector along with it.

I’ve watched trader after trader go bust — finding out only too late that the latest “sure thing” was really just an express ticket to ruin.

So yes, after all that, it's hard for me to see the world's developed markets as a “safe haven” anymore.

That’s why I went into business for myself and started directly managing some $180 million for wealthy clients from all over the world.

Without some big bank CEO always peeking over my shoulder, I was free to do what I do best: Focus on the most promising companies in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets. The very same places that I now consider some of the world’s SAFEST places to invest,

That shift in focus has really paid off ...

Because my average trade across all of my services since inception in 2008 has gained a whopping 28.7%!

That’s not just from a handful of recent trades. A gain of 28.7% is my average return over approximately 140 recommendations made since 2008, including my winners AND my losers.

And while I've got plenty of double-digit-winners in my list of past winners, I want to emphasize the fact that I am NOT just swinging for the fences.

Instead, my strategy is about finding consistent winners with a major eye toward keeping the risks as low as possible.

So when I see people overlooking the emerging markets — saying it's because they're “too risky” — and then piling money into American financial stocks? Well, that's a mistake I've seen plenty of people make before.

But you certainly don’t have to make the same mistake.

Here's How to Find Out the Names of All These Leading
Emerging Market Stocks and More —
And Collect a FREE Gift of up to $1,095 for Doing So!

The three stocks I described a moment ago all have the potential to supercharge your portfolio's returns — but they're only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to emerging market opportunities ...

At this very moment, I'm investigating a boatload of different companies — ranging from Indian telecoms to South American resource companies. And just recently I’ve recommended closing out trades like an 81% gain on a Mexican builder and a 32% gain on a Brazilian water treatment company ... both of which took less than four months.

In short, the world's too full of investment opportunities to stop with one country. Or even two ...

That's why I'd like to invite you to join me for a ZERO-RISK, 30-day trial membership to my all-inclusive Emerging Market Winners trading service.

It’s specifically designed to help investors like YOU harness the world’s most profitable emerging market opportunities — and do it as easily as buying shares in GE or Apple.

Without ever opening a foreign brokerage account or sending a penny overseas ...

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How? By buying emerging market companies that trade on the New York Stock Exchange. By trading in my favorites among hundreds of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) right in the U.S.

As soon as I isolate the single best opportunities for you, I instantly rush you a “buy” signal via e-mail so you can capitalize on it instantly!

Plus, when I determine that any investment in the portfolio, be it a stock or an ETF, no longer offers the most favorable risk/reward ratio, or to cut a loser quick, you get an urgent “sell” signal.

No muss, no fuss, no homework necessary. It really is that simple!

You’ll Get Everything You Need to Seize the Massive Profit
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As soon as you activate your membership in Emerging Market Winners, I’ll send you the names of all the stocks I mentioned above along with details on all my other current emerging market recommendations.

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Best of All, You Can Test Drive
Emerging Market Winners — Risk-Free!

In my money management business, I have had professional clients pay as much as $100,000 for access to just three months of my research. And if you ask them they'll say it's worth every penny.

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But I also realize that you're looking for something a little different.

You don't have a six-figure budget just for your investment research ... nor do you want the thousands of pages of data those professionals get.

You just want to know about the best ways to cash in on the hottest emerging-market opportunities.

Well that’s exactly what you’ll get from Emerging Markets Winners ... and at a much more reasonable price!

Normally, a one-year membership to Emerging Market Winners costs just $1,195. That’s already a huge discount from the much higher prices paid by some of my professional clients.

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Better yet, no matter which offer you choose ...

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Just click the button below now — get the names of all my recommendations including the three companies I mentioned a little while ago — and start using Emerging Market Winners absolutely risk-free for the next 30 days.

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And then, each time your membership comes up for renewal, we’ll notify you first, and only charge your credit card at this deeply discounted special rate ... until you tell us to stop.

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Now, let’s recap what you already know ...

You know that emerging markets are leaving the U.S. economy in the dust, growing up to five times faster than the U.S. is — and that the next big hotspot is breaking out of a decades-long slumber right now.

You know that this kind of opportunity is explosive — with a history of creating entire generations of new millionaire investors and entrepreneurs throughout countries like China, Azerbaijan, and Estonia ...

You know that investing in emerging markets has never been easier, with hundreds of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds available right here in the U.S., making diversifying into emerging markets as easy to buy and sell as any U.S. company ...

You know that I’m offering you specific recommendations that give you the potential to spin off triple-digit profits in the next year. And you've seen everything you'll get for joining right now.

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I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Best wishes,

Rudy Martin
Rudy Martin
Editor, Emerging Market Winners

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